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Our company, Toronto Service Center, Inc., has been in the business of moving people from one location to another for a long time. It is considered one of the best Toronto movers around. And for many years we have strived to give the best service to our customers. Looking for competent Toronto movers can be quite easy, especially if you are searching for the most professional Toronto movers available.
We are well aware that to move your valued belongings from point A to point B is never an easy task. Sometimes, it can even be quite stressful without the help of efficient professional Toronto movers. It may be your first time to move or not, you can always count on moving companies such as Toronto Service Center to help you move your properties to your new destination. You may be looking forward to moving into your new home or new offices, Toronto Service Center guarantees that you have a wonderful experience. That means that you won’t have to worry about your important items being broken, damaged, and worst – lost. Moving companies like TSC possess the years of experience with handling this kind of service. Our company guarantees one hundred percent satisfaction of our clients, and that is one of the many reasons we are considered one of the best Toronto movers around.
If you are planning on moving to anywhere in Toronto, Toronto Service Center is one of the best Toronto movers, that you can definitely rely on. With Toronto Service Center, it is not just about transporting your stuff from your old location to your destination; it’s about making your experience stress-free and worry-free. We care for their customers and they show this by giving value and importance to their clients’ belongings. Clients will never need to worry about moving since Toronto Service Center cares for their property just like their own, unlike some of the other Toronto movers out there.
Why should you choose Toronto Service Center?
Toronto Service Center has only one goal – and that is to help you move with no worries in mind. That is why our Toronto movers have made it our priority to help you pack all your stuff, place them in proper storage places, transport, and deliver it to the doorstep of your new home. Our Toronto movers also provide all your moving needs such as storage and packing materials.
All of the staff and crew are well-trained with packing, storing, transport, and delivery. Up-to-date training is given to the Toronto Service Center staff to make sure that they are equipped with knowledge that they will use for helping their customers get that awesome moving experience. Awareness and observation of the safety and transportation standards in moving are also among the priority of the Toronto movers family you will find with our company.
Because of Toronto Service Center’s years of experience with moving, we can guarantee our clients with proven systems and can even customize standard systems to suit the needs of our valued customers.
Our company is located in Toronto and we can help you move from one point to any point in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Toronto Service Center offers all their valued clients the following the services:

  • A free estimate of your move
  • We help you with Planning
  • We offer Packing/Unpacking your items upon request
  • TSC helps in transporting your items safely
  • We offer flexible storage facilities
  • The provision of packaging materials for all your needs
  • Toronto Service Center is also the best company to handle the transportation
  • of your valued possessions such as:
  • Grand Pianos and Antique Items
  • Paintings, Sculpture and other Fine Art
  • Computers, Robotics, and other Electronic Gadgets
  • Office Materials and Business Equipment
  • Restaurant and Food Equipment
  • Equipment for Communications
  • Industrial Equipment and Heavy Machineries
  • Trade Shows Equipment
  • Exercise and Sports Equipment
  • Store Fixtures and Equipment
  • Medical and Health Equipment
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