Looking for the best among Toronto movers? Are you relocating to any point in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)? Moving is never an easy feat and we need all the help that we can get. Toronto Service Center can make your move to a new home or to a new business location the best that you can have.


Here are some helpful packing tips:

First, make sure that you have all the packing materials that you need. These will include:

Materials for wrapping such as newspaper, bubble wrap, tissue

Containers such as boxes and crates

Cutters and scissors

Scotch tape, packing tape, masking tape

Special plastic containers for breakables and other important items

Put all of your electric appliances in their own original boxes. Most of these have molding that makes sure the appliance does not jiggle around when transported.
Label all the cables or put them inside the boxes of the respective electric devices so that they won’t get lost and misplaced.
Keep your boxes less than fifty pounds. Label all your containers and boxes. In your labeling, include what the contents are, where it should be unloaded, fragility, which side should be up, etc.
For breakables, be sure to wrap them in clothes or bubble wraps to add protection to it. You can also use tissue or newspaper. In fact, you can even use your bed sheets and towels to wrap breakables to save on packing space.
Put your books on the edge of boxes, they can add protection to the contents of the box. Protect your books from outside elements too.
Clean or wash all your carpets, rugs, curtains and draperies before packing.
Put medicines in containers that can be sealed.
Have rugs and draperies cleaned before moving and leave them in wrappings for the move?
Bring all jewelry and important items with you when traveling to your new location.

Decide whether you should bring your plants. Research on laws prohibiting the transport of house plants. If you have pets, make sure to make the proper preparations and arrangements for their travel.
Buy boxes as early as four to six weeks before moving. You might need to buy boxes so you should also consider the sizes of the boxes that you will need. Great news though, at Toronto Service Center, one of the top quality Toronto movers, we provide you with free packing and free storage for your personal items. So you can be spared from going around buying and carrying boxes from different sources. Toronto Service Center is one of the best Toronto movers and we provide you with the right sizes of boxes for all your things. In addition, our boxes are specially designed for moving so you can be assured that your personal belongings are fully protected and will be transported in the best conditions. We even provide you with free packing tips and even help you to plan your move. We are among the best moving companies and we pride ourselves with a very systematic method that guarantees our clients 100% satisfaction.
Local moving can be quite easy and convenient with the help of a competent moving company such as us. But if you are planning on doing your own packing, you should know that when moving locally, you can omit packing some things since the distance is not that far. Just make sure that they are placed securely in the transport vehicle to keep it safe.
When packing, concentrate on one room before going to pack items in the next room. This will make packing more organized and systematic. This will also make a time-saving schedule for you. For instance, you can pack the items in your dining room first, and then pack items in the guest room on the next day.
Make sure to secure the bottoms of your boxes with sticky tape.
When loading your stuff on the transport vehicle, load the heavy boxes first and put all the light ones or the breakable ones on top. Put a lot of protection around things such as newspapers, tissue, plastic wraps, etc.

When packing breakable such as glasses and mugs, make sure to place them correctly inside the boxes.

Fill up your containers and boxes correctly. Don’t fill the boxes with items so that they overflow or that some items will be sticking out. Use all the boxes properly and correctly. Place a piece cloth on top of things to provide extra protection. Don’t forget to place similar items together in the same box.
Close all your containers and boxes carefully. Seal them as best you can to avoid any items from falling and the box or container from splitting open. This is also effective to make the stacking of boxes more secure.

Don’t forget to label all the boxes properly and clearly. Use good labeling materials so that they won’t fall out or become unreadable due to the temperature while traveling.
Make sure to write all the important information on all your boxes.

Toronto Service Center Provides Packing and Storage Services

Among Toronto movers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Toronto Service Center provides the best moving services for all its customers. We can help you with the most tedious part of moving – packing.

Packing with us becomes an easy and wonderful experience, as we have highly trained staff that can help you pack your valued items upon request.

We can send our staff and one of our managers, or supervisors, to make sure that you are 100% satisfied. We can do the packing for you, labeling, boxing, sealing and stacking. We also help you to make your floor plan and even with the planning of your move.

We provide you the best packing materials to make sure that your belongings are placed in secure containers.
Toronto Service Center provides quality service when it comes to moving people from any point in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We make sure that you get the most convenient moving experience.
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