Toronto Service Center Moving Tips, Moving FAQ and Moving Information
TSC, one of the leading movers in Toronto values the satisfaction of all valued customers. That is why; we have put together this article that contains very helpful information and even some moving tips for you.
Here Are Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions When It Comes To Moving:
Q: How Can I Get An Estimate?
A: There are many ways for you to get an estimate. First, you can always contact us or give us a call. If you are a resident of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), then we can send one of our highly trained staff to go to your house for a FREE visit. You can then make an inventory of the stuff that you will be transporting and form that TSC can give you an estimate of the moving cost based in your inventory. Another way is to fill up our online estimate form. It is very detailed and can help you with some details of your move.
Q: How Can I Choose The Best Moving Company?
A: Choose a moving company that has a lot of experience in the business. You can find this out by doing a small research about the company you choose. Look over their website and read the feedback from their previous customers. If they have good services then the customers will surely write something good about the moving company. You can also ask around which moving companies Toronto are the best.
TSC, one of the established and most efficient moving companies in Toronto, has numerous years of experience and can show you good results.
Q: Is It Possible To Leave My Clothes And Some Of My Things Inside The Cabinets For Transport?
A: Because TSC values our customers’ possessions just like our own, we highly recommend that all clothes and other things normally placed inside furniture such as cabinets be removed and packed in separate boxes. This will make sure that all your clothes and possessions will be safe, secure and kept in the best condition as we bring you to your new location.
Q: Do I Have To Tip The Moving Company Crew?
A: Tipping is never a requirement. The staff and crew are doing their regular jobs. However, if you appreciate their work for you and feel grateful, then tipping is optional. There is no obligation to tip our movers.
Q: Is There An Extra Charge For Large Items Such As Pianos?
A: At TSC professional movers Toronto, we do not charge extra for pianos and other large objects. These items are priced as regular items. And when you choose TSC Toronto movers, we have highly trained staff with more than five years of experience of moving pianos to handle your piano.
Q: Will The Weather Condition Affect Our Schedule Of Moving?
A: Our Company, the Toronto Service Center, always follow the schedule of moving regardless of weather. The unpredictable weather might make the transport and the work slower but we will get it done. Don’t worry because our staff has trained for these kinds of weather conditions and will make sure that all your possessions will get to the destination on time.
Q: Do The Movers Supply Packing Materials?
A: A large number of moving companies provide the packing materials but these are not for free. They usually give discounted prices to their customers. However, with TSC, packing materials are FREE. In cases where the customers choose to pack for themselves, then they can buy their packing materials from our company. It is advisable not to use boxes that are used in groceries or any other ordinary use. Moving boxes are different because they are sturdier and are built specially for moving. TSC provides you this type of boxes.
Q: Is There A Best Time To Move?
A: A large number of moving companies will suggest that you do not schedule your move in summer, during winter holidays and to also avoid the 1st week and the last week of months. These are the most hectic for many moving companies.
On the other hand, the schedule of your move is entirely up to you. Choose the day that is most convenient for you. TSC can help you unpack at any time of the day and any day of the week.
There might be certain factors that you have to consider when scheduling such as:
The urgency of the move
The school term, if you have children
Other factors
Just inform our staff at TSC about your schedule or if there are any changes to it. We can be contacted easily.
Q: Should I Bring My Breakables Such As China, Glass & Crystal?
A: It would be advisable to let the professional movers Toronto handle the delicate items. However, if you choose to pack by yourself or to transport these with you, make sure that you wrap each item carefully with cloth, tissue and bubble wrap. At TSC, we have staff that is well-trained at packing breakables and we make sure that all of them are safe and secure for transport.
Q: What About My House Plants?
A: Most moving companies cannot accept responsibility for transporting plants. The toll of long distance travels can destroy plants and so it is advised that you bring them with you in your private vehicle.
Q: Can I Bring My Pet With Me?
A: Pets are best transported with you in your family car. Moving companies will not carry pets as they may suffer in the van.
Q: Can I Carry My Jewelry And Other Valuables?
A: Like all valuable items, the best way to protect them is to carry them yourself. However, you can let our staff at TSC to move it for you but you should inform us beforehand about it.
Q: How Is The Payment Method?
A: Moving Companies are to be paid before moving. You can use credit cards but they will need to be approved before transport. Most moving companies do not accept personal checks.
Q: When Should I Make An Appointment With A Moving Company?
A: The best time to call a moving company is the earliest possible time. It could be months before but generally, it should be not later than four to six weeks before your moving schedule. The more time you give the moving company, the better they can help you with your move.
Q: What Items Are Not Allowed For Transport?
A: There is a list of hazardous items that you are not allowed to move. Please check here.
Q: Are Estimates The Real Cost? What Happens To The Deposit?
A: Our estimates will not change if your inventory is accurate. Upon cancellation, deposits are forfeited but can be used for future moves provide we are informed more than fifteen days. And this can only be used if you re-book a move within three months or ninety days.
TSC is the best among Toronto moving companies and we cater to all your moving needs in any point of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Make an appointment now