Why & how garage sale helps your moving

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It is often a common problem for individuals who are planning to move to have things that they would rather leave behind then take with them to their new destination. In these cases, the best thing to do would be to have a garage sale. A garage sale lets you have income and profit from things that you have collected over the years but would not like to bring with you as you move to a new place and start a new chapter of your life. It would often be regrettable and frankly quite a waste of money if you just throw these items away. Of course, there are other options such as giving them away to friends and family and even to neighbors or then another option is to give these items to charity. One of the best ways is still to have a garage sale. You can make a profit from old and well-loved items while saying goodbye to them.

A Garage Sale: The Best Solution To Dispose of Your Old Stuff!

When moving, we often encounter the fact that we have accumulated so many things over the years! The unfortunate part is that we no longer used half of these items and may want to consider throwing it away. But what about the money that we have used for this items? Shall we just throw that away too? Surely, there is a way to get rid of this stuff while still making a profit of it.

Right! The best option is to have that garage sale. Moving can be quite costly and heavy stuff will often cost more. Not to mention the space that these unwanted things will occupy in the moving vehicles. So to avoid paying more and lacking space in the transport vehicle, it is best to sell these items that you no longer want or can’t bring with you.
Things To Prepare Before Doing The Garage Sale

A few weeks before your preferred date of a garage sale, you should check on the Local Licensing Commission and the also try to visit the municipal authorities. They should inform you about the policies concerning garage sales in your area. They might require you to get a permit so you should also look into that.
Depending on the items that you will be selling, make sure that you get the necessary permits.

Gather ideas from other garage sales and try to learn as much as you can. Inquire about general prices and the standard charge for certain items.
You’d be surprised to know that most people can be very helpful when it comes to garage sales. You should also carefully consider the prices that you will be placed for your items. Get ideas from antique shops and other second-hand stores. You may be selling items for lower prices while you can get much higher prices for some stuff that could be considered valuable to other people.

Prepare your shopping bags, containers, boxes and even newspapers. You can use them to wrap and put things for your customers. You can always ask other people in your neighborhood to join in your garage sale.

The Perfect Time To Do A Garage Sale

As a general rule, it is always best to have your garage sales on days when there are most people available. The perfect days can be the weekends as most people are home or around the neighborhood. Also consider holidays, as most people will be busy with personal lives so the chances of having many customers will be pretty slim. And then there are the rainy days, cold and wet days. A sunny day is a perfect day for holding a garage sale. Open up early in the morning so that people will have much time to browse and look around your stuff. This will also allow you to have more time to prepare and look over stuff that is not labeled and to fix your items.

The Perfect Place To Have The Garage Sale

The venue of your garage sale could be anywhere. But the best place is in front of your home so that people can see it and will have enough space to move around. In addition, individuals in cars can stop by as it is near the roadside. Choose a venue that is open as it encourages more people to drop by. Don’t hold a garage sale in your house or in the basement because most people would not like to enter a stranger’s home.

The Perfect Stuff To Sell

When you hold a garage sale, make sure that you do want to sell your stuff. Don’t make a scene later by holding on to your things when people want to buy them.

Make your display of items to sell appealing to customers. Display as many items as possible so that there are more items to look at. The more items you have, the longer people will stay to look around and finally buy something. Don’t hesitate to display items that you think other people will not like. After all, you don’t really know what other people need and prefer. What looks like something unusable to you can be very valuable to another individual.
Mix expensive items with affordable ones. Try to place reasonable prices and avoid over pricing. Keep in mind that your main purpose is to dispose of these items.

Putting The Price Tags

To make sales smoother, label all items with prices. This will prevent people from asking about every item’s price and you answering repetitively to each and every customer. Keep in mind that these are second-hand items so a good rule about putting price tags is to put half the original price. The customers and you can always negotiate about it later on.
Clean all your things before the garage sale. People will tend to buy stuff that looks new and smells good. Customers know that you have used this stuff in the past and they would not like to be reminded by your stains or smell. Wash and clean what needs to be cleaned. In addition, do repairs on items that have been broken or damaged. People may still buy it if they see that it is still functional rather than it being totally unusable.
When putting prices on items, you should consider placing round numbers. This way; you won’t have to give change and customers won’t have to count coins.
Although you have placed price tags, tell your customers that they can still bargain for lower prices. This will attract more customers and encourage them to look for things that they could buy.

If you like, make an inventory of your items and your sales.

Don’t Forget To Advertise!

Weeks before your garage sale, make sure to inform the people in your neighborhood about it. You can also invite friends and family members to come look at your stuff.
Don’t just expect people to show up on the day of the garage sale without any advertisement. Advertising can help you a long way in making more sales. Put an ad in the local bulletin board and be sure to include your address and even some landmarks in your area. If you are really into it, make DIY flyers and get some neighborhood kids to distribute them for you. The more people that know of your garage sale, the more potential sales you can expect.

Before The Sale: 1 day

This is the best time to display your items. Make sure to arrange the items in a way that is both attractive and visible to the customers. Allow a lot of space for people to move around and inspect the goods. Put big items on shelves and stands and put tinier stuff on tables. Make sure to put price tags on all items. For smaller items, you can have it tied in a small chain so that people cannot steal these small items.

If you are including electric devices in your inventory of stuff to sell, make sure that you have an outlet ready so that people can test appliances and bulbs easily. Put similar stuff together such as books with magazines, DVD’s and CD’s with players, etc.

Organize items so that you can find them easily in case people ask you about certain items. You should also arrange all goods in a clean and neat way so that more people will be attracted to your wares. Most people do not like rummaging through other people’s used stuff so put your items in clean stands and arrange it neatly.
It would still be good to prepare cash change for people that have big bills. Don’t forget a calculator and a cash box.

Ask your family members to help you and make the event more fun!

The Big Day!

Wake up early and prepare for business. Check on your displays and go over the items one more time. Make sure that you have placed the stuff that you really want to dispose of.
Open up early and allow the potential buyers to look around freely. Most individuals hate nosy salespeople so just sit back in a place where you can be visible and choose a spot where you can see the whole area too.

Be sociable and be ready to answer people’s questions such as where you got an item or how much you really paid for it. Don’t be impolite as people will be discouraged from buying.
Offer coffee if you like. Buyers love freebies even if it’s coffee. It relaxes people and they will feel that they have to buy something even if the coffee is free.
Accept bargains and give discounts. Remember your purpose for this garage sale! Once you give discounts, buyers will likely buy more stuff.


For your security purposes, keep your cash box in a secure place. Most vendors use a belt bag for keeping large bills, you might also try that. Never leave your station especially if you have a cash box there. The belt bag is the best idea!
There might be shoplifters in the area so you had better be wary of them too. It is best to ask another family member to watch around for you. When shoplifters see that there are many people guarding the goods, they will surely be discouraged to steal.


After the last customer has left the area, count the money you have earned and make sure to keep it in a safe place. Clean up the area and keep the items that have not been sold in boxes. Determine what to do with it. Either donate these items in a charity or throw it away to avoid bringing them with your as you move to your new location.
If there are still too many items left and you still want to continue the garage sale the next day, then plan on it. After all, most of the things to prepare for a garage sale have already been done. All you have to do is to open up the next day.


Finally, you have disposed of the items that you no longer need. If ever there is stuff that you have decided not to throw away or have decided to bring with you, immediately inform your moving company about the items. If they are big or there are many, additional boxes might be needed and it can also affect the cost of your move.
TSC, one of the top Toronto movers, makes sure that all your items are carefully accounted for. An inventory of your belongings will have been prepared by our trained staff week before your moving. We are very flexible because we want to make our clients satisfied and happy. So if ever you have any questions and concerns about moving, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to answer all your queries.

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