Our company is one of the reputable Toronto movers that offer services to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Toronto Service Center cares for all its customers and we understand how moving can be affecting your children. So to help our valued clients, especially the parents, we have put up this very helpful article on how to deal with your kids in the event of your relocation

The Pressure Of Moving On Children

Moving can be a very big step to take. Even adults sometimes even have a difficult time adjusting to the idea of a new environment. New people, new schools, a new neighborhood – all of these can especially put pressure on children.
When a family moves to a new home, parents often get tangled in the moving preparations that they often forget how all of these affect the young ones in the family.

Family packing cardboard boxes at new home

How Can You Prepare For A Move When You Have Children?

Don’t forget to take some time to discuss your move with the kids. Children can become confused and may suffer from an abrupt relocation. Sit down with your children and explain the reasons why your family is moving to a new place. It does not matter if you are moving to a house just around the corner, to a new city, or to a new state. Children need explanations from their parents especially since they will be affected by this kind of decision. Although moving can be hard on children, a little enlightenment from their parents can always make things easier for the little minds. Stay positive and encourage your kids that they will have a new experience in the new place.

Is There A Good Time To Move That The Kids Will Understand?

Children easily fall into habits. They like what is familiar to them because they see no threat or danger. Many kids will react to moving since they will have to live in an unfamiliar environment. If you are a parent and you might be thinking that you could time your move perfectly, then you might have a surprise coming to you. The fact is that there is never a good time to move when it comes to children. However, it is a big help to their acceptance and transition that the parents talk to them about the moving. As much as you can, try to get their opinion and their points of view about your relocation to another area. There are certain factors that make moving difficult for children, especially those in the teenage years. For instance, a boyfriend or perhaps the last year of school before graduation can make it seem hard for teens to move. As for younger kids below twelve, they can adjust better and can settle well in a new environment. In some cases, new kids at school can become popular but a senior student in a new high school may have a less than wonderful time adjusting to a place where friendships and alliances have already been built. The important key here is to have that talk with your children and inform them of your decision to move. Although they won’t accept your decision or may even try to dissuade you from moving, they will eventually understand it if you talk to them sincerely.

If you have children in the teenage years, you can expect some rebellion coming your way. Be prepared to handle it. But try to understand by putting yourself in their shoes. Would you be willing to move if you were in their place? Never use force to bend your kids into accepting your decisions.

moving with Kids


Another way to get you through your talk with your kids is to make them see that moving is not the end of the world. Technology can be a great help in keeping people in touch. Tell your kids that they can always keep their relationships by calling their friends from your new place or by chatting and even video conferencing with the help of the internet.
Be understanding if ever your kids may take longer to accept the fact that you are indeed moving. They will eventually adapt to the idea and especially to the new place and the new environment.

Once you get to your new place, observe your kids about how they are adjusting. Take time to sit with them and ask them how their day was. Be attentive to your young children and especially to the teenagers. In any sign of maladjustment on your kids’ part, be sure to address it immediately. Keep in mind kids have different ways of coping with new situations and they may take their own time in adjusting. Don’t force them to like the new place just yet. Wait till they accept it and like the new set-up on their own.


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