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And because our company cares for its valued customers, we offer free information tips that can help you in your move.

Here Are Some Tips For Moving:


Before moving or relocating, certain preparations have to be made. This is the best time to go into the details of your move. One can say that the most important thing to be concerned about is organization. This is the key for any smooth move whether it is an office moving or just moving to a new home.

At this time, you have to make a list of all the items that you would like to move to your new location in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). You may also throw out the stuff that you no longer wish to take with you. You can do this by having a garage sale or by giving them to the charitable organizations near you. Don’t forget to let people know that you will be having a garage sale. It would also be helpful if you get some of your neighbors to help out in the garage sale by having their own, that way, it can become a neighborhood effort.

If you plan on packing your own stuff, this is the right time to collect boxes, crates, newspapers, plastic bags, and all other packing supplies that you will need including tapes, staples, nails, etc. However, keep in mind that some competent Toronto moving companies such as the TSC provide free packing materials and even free storage. TSC not only provides free packing materials and free storage for all its valued customers, it also offers packing assistance upon request. So if you don’t have the time to do the packing on your own, you can always ask the help of our highly trained crew. Some moving companies sell moving supplies to their customers if you are having trouble looking for suitable packing materials. These boxes are sturdy and are all specially designed to accommodate your stuff no matter what size it is. The best thing about hiring professional movers Toronto is that they provide the boxes that best for transport and not just ordinary boxes. In addition, these containers will fit well in the transport vehicle of the moving companies. As compared to ordinary boxes that one can get from other sources, you might have some trouble with space and making all the boxes fit in the vehicle.

The next thing to do is to plan your new home or new offices’ layout. You can do this by making a floor plan and indicate here where all of your furniture would go. This will make unpacking and reorganize your new space much easier and way faster. Another thing that you can do is to get to know the area that you will be moving to. Learn about the community such as the parks, schools, and recreation areas.

In addition to the moving preparations, you must also think about other stuff such as your own transportation as well as your family’s, to your new home. Arrange for your travel and make the right preparations for plane reservations, car rentals, and other things that you need. Keep your arrangements flexible so that in case problems do occur in your travel, you can easily make adjustments.

This is also the right time to close all your real estate concerns. Pay all your dues and bills. Talk to your insurance agent and discuss your insurances.
Organize your medical and dental records so that they can be easily accessed. Include your records of prescriptions, vaccinations, and other medical specifications.
Put all of your jewelry and valuables in a safe container and plan on taking it with you during your travel.


By this time, you would have made all the basic preparations. Most efficient movers in Toronto can help you will planning your move. TSC can help you in all the things you might need if you are considering a move in any point of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
This is the time to contact your local post office to inform them of your change in address. You should also start informing important people about your new address. Make sure that you:

  • Inform family and relatives
  • Contact institutions such as banks, insurance companies, etc.
  • Call your credit card companies
  • Contact your doctors and dentist
  • Inform your clubs and any group that you are a member of
  • Cancel or redirect newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

Check all your possessions and decide which ones should you throw out and which ones should you keep and bring along with you. Go over your old books, magazines, clothes and remove the stuff that you don’t use anymore. Keep in mind that bringing all these stuff can add to the weight of your shipment and as a result, you would have to pay more money.

A good start when organizing your things before moving would be to make a list of all your stuff that you will be bringing and the stuff that you will leave behind or throw away. If you can throw them away now, do it now, but if not, then include these items in your list of things that you will not be bringing with you.
You should also make a list of the things that you will be carrying with you personally and the things that you will let the moving companies Toronto transport for you.
If you have kids, let them pack their own things so that they can find them easily when you get to your new house. This way, they will get involved with the whole moving process. Don’t forget to make it as fun as possible, after all, they are kids and they will be leaving some of their friends behind. Guarantee them that there is something good to look forward to in that new place.


At this time, one of the best things to do is to notify your moving company about any changes in your schedule of moving. You can also tell them if there is additional stuff that you have decide to transport so that they can prepare any necessary packing or storage materials. If there might also be some things that you have decided not to bring, be sure to inform your moving company too so that it can be deducted from your cost. If ever you need one of the best moving companies Toronto that cater to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), then TSC moving company can help you. The company provides free storage and free boxes for your packing and storage needs.

Talking to your moving company about the details of your packing can be very beneficial for you. With TSC, we help you with all the planning for your move. We send one of our managers to assist you in making your lists and all of the preparations. This systematic method has been practiced by our company for many years as TSC has been in this trade for many years.
At this point, you should have finalized which items you will be packing by yourself and which ones will be handled by the moving company.

If you choose to transport your stuff through a car carrier, make the final reservation so that the car pick up will be ready.

Decide on what to do with your plants. Give them out to close friends, neighbors, or to the charity. Make sure that you know if you are allowed to transport houseplants to where you are going. There are places that prohibit this.

If you have pets, make sure that you have thought of their transportation arrangements too. Bring your pets to the vet for a general checkup before traveling. Keep their documents in a safe and easily accessible place in case authorities will require checking them.

Don’t forget to return books that you have borrowed from your local library. Consequently, collect all your stuff that you have taken to the cleaners and repair shops.


It is only a couple of weeks before your move. By this time, you should transfer all your prescriptions to a local drugstore in your new location. In addition, make a call to your bank and find out about the process of transferring all your accounts too. Make sure to clear your deposit box in your bank.
Disconnect your computer and disassemble it for packing. Make sure to back up all your files and make plans for taking the backup storage with you. Remember that extreme temperature while traveling may damage your software.

Finalize packing decisions. Check your closets, garage, basement, and attic for things that you may have left behind while packing. Dispose of all items that can be hazardous and are prohibited for transport. If you must take with you, your cleaning fluids, make sure to seal them properly.
Check on your power tools such as the snow blower, lawn mower, and others to guarantee a safe transportation.
Disconnect all electric appliances. Call your service providers and make an appointment. Don’t forget to inform your moving company of the appliances that you will be taking with you so that proper storage and packing materials can be prepared for it.

Call the cable, phone, electric, water companies, and other utility companies and inform them of your moving. Pay all your bills and arrange for disconnection of all these services on the moving day or on the day right after your moving. On the other hand, make sure to have these same services connected in your new home or new office in your new location on the same day of your move.


Label all the items to be transported by the moving company and those that you will be taking with you. This makes sure that there won’t be any misunderstanding later on. Look over the rooms of your house again, you might have left some things unlabeled yet or unpacked.

If you have packed on your own, make sure to label all your boxes with breakables and non-breakables. Put proper stickers to alert the movers of its contents. You would be glad to know that TSC, one of the best movers in Toronto can help you pack for free and even provide you with free packing materials upon request. They will also be the ones to label all your boxes and even your items if you like.

Clean your fridge and defrost a day before moving. Clean and deodorize your stoves and ovens.
Make sure to leave the things that you will need immediately unpacked. Put them in separate bags for easy access. Call your family and inform them of your final travel plans. Provide important people your new address in case they need to contact you.


There are things that you will need right away once you get to your new home or office. Make sure to keep them in a bag or container that you can easily get to. You can carry this bag with you so that you can unpack it first as soon as you arrive.


Direct the movers where your items to be loaded are located.

Go through the inventory with the movers. With TSC, one of the best professional movers Toronto, you won’t need to worry so much since we assign a supervisor to guide the movers and help your load and unload your things. We make sure that you have nothing to worry about and that everything goes smoothly with your move. We can also help you with the planning of your move from the very first step until the final tasks.

Go through your rooms one last time. Make sure that you leave nothing valuable behind and that you have not neglected anything.


Finally, you get to your new location! Toronto Service Center, one of the best movers in Toronto, makes sure that you get to your new home or new office safely.
Guide the movers as they unload your stuff. Check the inventory. At TSC, we help you unload your things, unpack your boxes, and even assemble your disassembled furniture. We give quality service to all our valued clients in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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